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    I started this series shortly after the pandemic: February 2022

    I’ve been asked how I felt creatively during the past two years and if it influenced my art.

    Like so many of us, the pandemic brought on a torrent of feelings, both good and bad. First, a burst of creativity…then days turned into months, then years. Living in social solitude behind a mask, my imagination suffocated. My creative process began to slip away.

    Isolation began with people talking on the phone, treating it like an extended holiday! Unfortunately, that’s not quite how things worked out. Phone calls became less, conversations morphed into a quick check-in text to friends and family.

    So what does one do while waiting out a pandemic? I needed a way to occupy my mind and my time. Art would become my therapy. What could I take away from these recent years, what would bring me back to where I needed to be? It had to keep me occupied.  It had to be uplifting. It was time to bring in some excitement. I would create an upbeat emotion that would be channeled to others.

    So here is my inspiration…fun and colorful – for anyone to relate

    TMI…lol……yolo…ily…idk  the list goes on.

    Commissions available upon request.

    The Shortcuts Series is produced with acrylic paint on wood panel and resin coated.